Mike Duma is a hardware and software inventor, tech startup addict, advisor and early stage investor. He advises a number of companies on their strategic technology and commercial direction, helps with innovation in their vertical and sits at board level.

Mike has successfully funded a number of his own startups and has taken them through to multi-million dollar exit. He sits on a number of boards as Exec, Non-Exec, Interim CTO & Advisor to the Board and helps businesses position their technology and commercial offering for scale, funding and exit.

Mike has run companies as CEO across multiple verticals in software, hardware, advertising, marketing, commerce, 3D printing, events and investment funding. He has also been responsible for the underlying technology within these companies, running the tech development, innovating, inventing and patent filing.

This gives Mike a rare ability to deeply understand the tech that drives a company’s hardware and software proposition whilst simultaneously being able to consider the ‘big picture’ commercial positioning from both a business and marketing perspective at ‘C’ level. This coupled with his experience of raising private equity and VC funding is why he is uniquely placed to help companies as trusted advisor for all aspects of their business.